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Resolutions for Better Health in 2012

December 28, 2011

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6 Resolutions for Greater Health in 2012
How do you want to remember 2012? Do you want to remember it as just another year, or would you like to look back on it as the year you became the healthy person you wanted to be? If you desire the latter option, now is the time to get started.

Your first step should be to visualize your ideal overall health, which will help you shape your goals and formulate a plan. Do you want brighter and straighter teeth? How about a slimmer midsection? Is your goal to ward off health issues such as heart disease or cancer? These things and more are all attainable with the right New Year’s resolutions. To start you on the path to a healthier body and lifestyle, here is a list of six possible resolutions for better health.

1. Pay your dentist a visit twice per year
Your dentist helps to keep your teeth beautiful and ensure that your entire oral system is healthy. By visiting your dentist twice yearly, you will have confidence that your smile is attractive and you are free of plaque and even oral cancer.

2. Floss between your teeth on a daily basis
Flossing between your teeth eliminates plaque, prevents cavities, fights bad breath and prevents gum inflammation that can contribute to more serious health problems. Many people neglect flossing, but you should make it a regular habit to improve your health.

3. Say goodbye to at least one of your bad habits
We all have a few of those habits that we know aren’t good for us, but for some reason they are hard to abandon. This year, identify a bad habit you’d like to put an end to and make a conscious effort to kick that habit. Common New Year’s resolutions include quitting smoking, avoiding junk food and trying to become more organized.

4. Add exercise to your life
Whether it’s lifting weights, practicing yoga, playing basketball or even simply taking a daily stroll, exercise will improve your life in a big way. Exercise fights fat and improves appearance while also offering health benefits such as lower cholesterol, increased energy and stress relief.

5. Maintain a healthy diet
Even if you aren’t overloading on junk food, the foods you eat may still be negatively impacting your health. Some unhealthy foods can raise your cholesterol, widen your waistline and contribute to diabetes. Take a look at your diet and see where you can make improvements, whether it is saying no to certain foods or eating healthier foods.

6. Avoid stress whenever possible
Frequent stress is bad for your health and it can affect your mood and happiness. Identify where you regularly encounter stress – whether it’s in your family life, work life or anywhere else – and do your best to eliminate that stress.

Follow at least some of the above tips and you should be able to make 2012 one of your best years yet.

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