Onlays/Inlays in Fort Worth, TX

Onlays and Inlays

For patients who have varied amounts of decay or damage on their teeth, Dr. Kelly Blair may recommend treatment with inlays or onlays at our Fort Worth dental practice. An inlay is a filling made of porcelain which is fitted to an area that has been affected by a cavity. This is necessary when placing a general filling would compromise the structural integrity of the tooth. An inlay is a more precise form of dental restoration than a normal procedure.

An onlay is used when the cusp of the tooth needs to be replaced. These cusps will be imitated in the onlay restoration, and placed over the surface of the tooth. Dr. Blair or Dr. Conditt will be able to determine which restorative dentistry technique you’ll need to fully rejuvenate your smile. Call us today to schedule your appointment!