IV Sedation in Fort Worth, TX

IV Sedation

Sometimes, a patient who has a severe dental phobia approaches us, asking if we have a solution to their fear. Drs. Kelly Blair and Mitch Conditt make it their priority to help patients overcome their anxiety with a variety of sedation dentistry treatments. She is accredited and able to sedate patients intravenously (I.V.) for the most fearful cases in her Fort Worth dental practice

This form of sedation is given intravenously, for a faster and deeper dosage. You most likely won’t remember what happened during your procedure, but you’ll actually be awake the entire time. IV sedation is primarily for people with extreme dental anxiety; however, it’s sometimes used for patients who are undergoing extensive treatment. You’ll be able to experience comfortable dentistry with this sedation option. Call today to ask our team about IV sedation for your next appointment!