Laser Gum Disease Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

After Dr. Blair or Dr. Conditt and the hygienist asssess your gums and determine your preiodontal state, they will make recommendations for your customized treatment plan.

Several methods are often recommended and used to treat your periodontal condition, including OralDNA testing, gum therapy, soft tissue laser therapy, localized and systemic antibiotics, and homecare medicaments and appliances.

Our Fort Worth dental office uses a gentle soft-tissue laser for periodontal disease treatment by treating the pockets infected by bacteria. This procedure, combined with ultrasonic techniques, will help remove the disease and restore your gums to optimal health. Soft-tissue laser therapy for deep teeth cleaning and periodontal disease treatment presents many advantages. The laser beam seals the skin as it removes damaged tissue so that bleeding is minimal. Plus, because of the reduced trauma, most patients feel better than they would after a traditional deep teeth cleaning. Often laser periodontal therapy can extend the life and regeneration of bone surrounding supportive tissue structures so that periodontal therapy is needed less often in the future. Dramatic pocket reduction is often seen with the use of a soft tissue laser.