NuCalm in Fort Worth, TX

Relax with NuCalm during your next appointment!

Are you afraid of going to the dentist for the proper treatment that you need? Many of our patients benefit from traditional sedation dentistry to help ease their nerves, but some of those in our care dislike using medicines to relax. If you prefer to create a soothing atmosphere without the use of prescribed substances, Dr. Kelly Blair and Dr. Mitch Conditt may be able to offer NuCalm for your needs!

NuCalm is a revolutionary way of calming anxious patients by combining many factors to mimic the first stages of sleep! With dietary supplements, a light-blocking mask, and a couple other key elements, you could soon be on your way to rejuvenating dental work, without the fear. NuCalm allows patients to feel at ease, but they are still fully capable of understanding and responding to questions or instructions. To learn more about this form of sedation dentistry, please call us today and ask about the NuCalm system!