Prepless Veneers in Fort Worth, TX

Prepless veneers are very thin dental porcelain veneers designed to adhere directly to the front of teeth. Their unique, thin composition allows placement without the need for preparatory enamel or tooth structure removal. Whether you want the smile of your dreams or simply need to protect your teeth from wear, chips, or fractures, Prepless veneers may provide you with the esthetics and function you want while allowing you to keep your teeth's structure intact. This technique allows you to conceal potentially embarrassing dental damage from view.

And there’s more good news! If you ever want to have Prepless veneers removed, you can. A traditional teeth veneer is permanent because to place it, natural tooth structure is removed. Because no enamel reduction is required with Prepless, this structure is maintained. Any dentist can simply remove the Prepless dental porcelain veneers and your natural smile will be restored.

If you are considering receiving a veneer procedure, know that there are different types of dental porcelain veneers. Fort Worth porcelain veneers dentists Dr. Kelly Blair and Dr. Mitch Conditt offers Prepless as an alternative to a traditional teeth veneer.