Dr. Conditt found that I have a tooth that is cracked. I am thankful that I can trust Dr. Conditt will do everything possible to save my tooth, and to help me be comfortable while he is working on the tooth. I'm so relieved to have a dentist that is highly trained, super experienced, and very caring. Maria and Brandy are warm and welcoming, and are really good at helping me to understand procedures, prevention, and costs. Love this place!!!

Melissa Bourland

Dr. Conditt was very informative and helpful. Will continue to use him as my dentist. I highly recommend him. His assistants and office staff are very professional and gracious. - a great dentistry practice -

Nancy Stansbury

Dr. Conditt has been my dentist since 2009. I have a very challenging dental situation to say the least. I did lots of research before choosing Dr. Conditt for my complete mouth restoration. I compared his credentials and ratings with other "contenders" including a couple from "D" magazine's "Best". One of my criteria was his expertise in TMJ/TMD. Dr. Conditt is one of fewer than five dentists in the Metroplex with certification in the method from Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry to realign one's bite. His pricing compared very favorably to the "contender's" and he is very ethical in his fee structure as well. Dr. Conditt's office is as appealing as others here report, staff is as friendly and competent, and his hygienist is one of the best I have had.

Anne Frailey

I've had many dentists over the years, but none has been so thorough nor has the staff been this knowledgeable and caring - even after 1 visit and the stress of what is to come, I feel confident in Dr. Conditt and his staff that I will not dread going to the dentist - I have never had this thorough of an analysis provided from a dentist. They go above and beyond to provide information regarding you overall dental health now and how it will affect you later and prioritize what needs to be done first and take the time to explain everything so you actually understand what is truly going on in your mouth!. I am actually looking forward to my next visit.

Marti Shafer

Dr. Conditt operates a first class dentistry practice. His staff reflects his value and commitment to excellence. His office design and decor represent his approach to detail and impeccable taste. The environment is relaxing. The follow up and personal attention of Dr. Conditt are the best I have enjoyed. I am very pleased to have found Dr. Conditt and will recommend his services to anyone, especially those seeking a discerning experience.

Jack Norris

Highly recommend! The office was clean and well organized. The staff was courteous and very welcoming. They offered me bottled water and a hot towel at the end of the appointment . Dr. Conditt was very knowledgable and straight forward about the treatment I would need to make my teeth and gums healthy and beautiful!


Sedation dentistry. Dr. Conditt and his staff eased me right through several procedures which would have otherwise been horrific. If you're scared of the dentist you know what I am talking about. I think Dr. Conditt utilizes the sedation because he really cares about helping people with less than optimal smiles. He is certainly helping me with mine. They run a tight ship at Dr. Conditt's office. There's never a long wait and his helpers are so well-trained. You can tell it's a team of folks who like working together. They always make me feel like a special, unique person. I would have said it is absurd to look forward to going to the dentist, but I was happy to go today, and was pain-free when I left.

They work with a healthcare credit company that accepted me and is allowing me to make affordable monthly payments.

Dr. Conditt is a great dentist, of course. He won't settle for anything but the very best for his patients. I'm talking about a tooth overlay that he sent back because it was not perfect.

Dr. Conditt is a great dentist, of course. He won't settle for anything but the very best for his patients. I'm talking about a tooth overlay that he sent back because it was not perfect.

If you know you need to see a dentist, don't hesitate any longer. Call Dr. Conditt and get 'er done.