Six Month Smiles in Fort Worth, TX

To help your teeth, ask Drs. Blair and Conditt about Six Month Smiles.

Are you afraid to smile because of crooked or misaligned teeth? Dr. Kelly Blair and Dr. Mitch Conditt of Fort Worth has an orthodontic solution that can help. With Six Month Smiles, our adult patients can improve the appearance of their smiles discreetly and in just a matter of a few months. When you have straight, beautiful teeth, it will reduce your risk of periodontal disease and it's easier to floss! Say hello to a beautiful, healthier smile with Six Month Smiles treatment!

To accomplish this, Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth colored wires instead of the more noticeable metal versions. As a result, you can enjoy more privacy as you work towards a straighter, healthier smile. Instead of standing out immediately, your braces will blend in with your teeth, lending you a better sense of confidence as you go through your daily activities. That means that instead of hiding your smile as you undergo treatment, you can share it with others with confidence.

What’s more, the low but continuous force applied by Six Month Smiles can really move your teeth into their ideal alignment in just a matter of months. A shorter treatment time like this will also help you protect your teeth and gums. Wearing braces for a long period of time can make teeth more vulnerable to decay and gum disease. Six Month Smiles moves teeth quickly, ensuring that they will be better protected from both of these common problems. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean, decreasing one’s vulnerability.

Is Six Month Smiles Right for Me?

Not every patient is an ideal candidate for Six Month Smiles, but many are. If you have a misaligned smile that needs to be corrected, let Drs. Blair and Conditt and their Fort Worth dental team talk to you about how they can help.

If you live in Fort Worth or a surrounding city, you don’t have to let crooked or misaligned teeth keep you from the confidence and optimal oral health you deserve. Six Month Smiles and our Fort Worth team can help.