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Celebrate National Gum Care Month This September!

September 25, 2019

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GumsSeptember marks the start of the new school year, but for your dentist, it’s also National Gum Care Awareness month. It’s the perfect opportunity for children and adults alike to learn more about the importance of taking care of those soft tissues near your gums. Take this time to educate yourself on excellent gum health – and what might happen if you don’t maintain it!


Dentist Talks About 4 Surprising Ways That Stress Impacts Teeth

August 22, 2019

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Digital image of a cracked tooth Do you feel stressed out? You’re not alone! According to, 44% of adults feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago, and around 20% report feelings of extreme stress. While the effects on the body are well-known, you may be surprised to learn that stress impacts teeth as well. Keep reading to learn about the 4 ways your dental health can suffer from stress and what you can do to protect your smile, no matter how stressed out you are!


How to Keep Up a Dental Routine During Summer Vacation

July 29, 2019

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family on the beach

Summer is the perfect time for a vacation. Whether you’re by yourself, with a partner, or with the whole family, vacation is a time for relaxation. However, just because we’re not at work doesn’t mean we can slack on our oral hygiene routine! By letting your oral health slide, you can run into problems while you’re far from home. Here are 5 tips to keeping up a dental routine on your summer vacation.


This Father’s Day, Learn How to Take Care of Men’s Oral Health

June 1, 2019

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man in front of trees wearing hat

June is Men’s Health Month, and with Father’s Day smack dab in the middle of this month, it’s a perfect time to talk about men’s oral health. Research has shown that dads, and men in general, typically have worse oral health than women. Neglecting to take care of your oral health can spell disaster for your overall health. Staying healthy should be an important part of being a dad. So, this June, let’s look at ways that men can take better care of their oral health.


Take Action This Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April 1, 2019

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stop cancer signOral cancer doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. But since April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, now is the perfect time for you to pause and think about this disease, its effect on individuals across the United States, and how you can protect yourself from it. Let’s talk more about oral cancer disease and how a simple, painless screening could save your life.


Discover What a Dentist Can Do About Denture Size in Ft. Worth to Ensure Comfort

March 8, 2019

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an older woman grabbing her cheekIf you’re one of the many Americans living with dentures, you know just how important it is that they fit correctly and comfortably in your mouth. When pain occurs in the mouth, it can range in severity, starting maybe with only a minor ache and then progressing to nearly debilitating pain. While wearing dentures, you should never have to worry about pain or discomfort, which is why it’s important to know how it should properly fit, as well as what your dentist can do to adjust your denture size in Ft. Worth so it feels more comfortable.


Do Dental Products In Fort Worth Expire – and Should You Throw Them Out?

February 11, 2019

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Toothpaste being squeezed outWhen you’re trying to get a job done right, whether it’s painting your house or brushing your teeth, the products you use matter just as much as your technique. And when it comes to maintaining your smile, it’s especially important to use high-quality products. But, even though it’s common to find expiration dates on medications, you don’t usually hear about an expiration date for dental products in Fort Worth. In this blog, you’ll find out when toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash expire, and if it’s safe to use them past their expiration date. You’ll also get general oral hygiene tips to help you maintain your smile and minimize dental problems. Learn more below!


Necessary Dental Implant Care in Fort Worth

January 10, 2019

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older woman smiling

If you’ve had one or more teeth removed and dental implants put in, it can be tempting to think that your days of dental maintenance or over. Well, think again! Although implants can last for many years or even a lifetime, dental implant care can help determine just how long they work for you. To make the best use of your investment of time and money to get the implants, you need to do your best to care for them. Here is some helpful information about dental implant care in Fort Worth. (more…)

DIY, Mail-Order, or Invisalign? Your Guide to Teeth Straightening

December 5, 2018

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man teeth straightening

You want straight teeth, but you don’t want to go with old-fashioned metal braces. All those adjustment appointments, the soreness, and those metal brackets! No way. But there are so many options for teeth straightening out there that you can be easily confused. Can you really straighten your own teeth? Do those mail-order straightening aligners work? Is Invisalign® worth the money? Get the answers to these and other questions to determine the best effective, safe, and affordable option. (more…)

Can I Feel When I Have a Tooth Cavity in Ft. Worth?

November 2, 2018

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Man with tooth pain.Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard parts of your teeth that eventually turn into tiny holes or openings. It’s important that this tooth decay is treated as soon as it’s spotted to prevent more serious dental issues from occurring. But how do you know when you have a cavity? Does it hurt, or can you feel when you have one? Keep reading to discover the answers as well as the best ways to prevent getting a tooth cavity in Ft. Worth.


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