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Cosmetic Dentist

Transform your smile with Dr. Kelly Blair

Did you know that any general dentist can claim to be a cosmetic dentist? No special training or education is required because cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association. How can you know if the dentist you choose for cosmetic dental services is, indeed, qualified? First, you should feel comfortable with the dentist as a person and a professional. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t covered by insurance, so an understanding and accommodating dentist will offer a variety of financing options. They should also have a wide range of treatments and experience applying all of them to thousands of patients. Fortunately, we can proudly say this all applies to our own cosmetic dentist, Kelly Blair, DDS. She has spent years honing her craft so she can give anyone who walks into our dental office the kind of smile that always fills them with confidence. If you want to get to know Dr. Blair and her team, call to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our dental office in Fort Worth. This is a great opportunity to get to know us all a little better, so you can feel confident before beginning a cosmetic dentistry plan with our team.

Porcelain Veneers

Man looking at his smile in the mirror

To fully transform your smile in just two trips to our dental office, porcelain veneers may offer an effective solution. Veneers are thin sheaths of porcelain that affix to the front surfaces of teeth, correcting and concealing chips, cracks, stains, and gaps in your smile. They are often called instant orthodontics or instant smile makeovers due to the dramatic results that can be accomplished in such a short time. Crafted from the highest quality, stain-resistant porcelain, veneers will maintain their flawless appearance for a decade or longer with proper care.

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Prep-Less Thin Veneers

Like traditional veneers, prep-less thin veneers are affixed to the front surfaces of teeth to create a flawless appearance. Unlike traditional veneers, prep-less thin veneers require very little, if any, removal of tooth enamel prior to placement. Traditional veneers are similar in size to a fingernail, so surface enamel needs to be removed in order to accommodate this additional structure. Prep-less veneers are extremely thin, and they can be compared to a contact lens in size. In most cases, this means we don’t need to remove any tooth enamel prior to placing these veneers.

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Porcelain Dental Crowns

Man’s smile compared with tooth color chart

While dental crowns are typically considered a restorative dentistry solution, tooth-colored porcelain dental crowns are often incorporated as part of a cosmetic dentistry plan. These natural-looking restorations fit completely over the top of a tooth, so they can be used to allow patients to maintain healthy tooth structure while still improving the appearance of the patient’s smile. We can use custom crafted porcelain dental crowns to recreate lost tooth structure, increase the size of teeth that smaller than those throughout the smile, reshape dental structure, and address a number of other cosmetic flaws.

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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

When extensive damage, decay, and cosmetic irregularities leave you hiding your smile, a full-mouth reconstruction plan may be in order. Sometimes called smile makeovers, these treatment plans can incorporate a number of cosmetic, restorative, and even orthodontic solutions to create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. During a full-mouth reconstruction consultation, we review your current smile, discuss dental damage or decay that needs repair, and look at the cosmetic aspects of your smile’s appearance you want to improve. Then, we design a custom full-mouth reconstruction plan to create a beautiful and flawlessly functional smile.

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Teeth Whitening

Woman in dental office laughing

We have great news. You can stop trying all those whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, and strips and at the store, and you can avoid dubious DIY whitening tricks altogether. Instead, contact our team to find out more about professional teeth whitening. We offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments that can quickly and predictably brighten smiles by several shades with minimal risk for the tooth sensitivity and soft tissue irritation that can occur following the use of other teeth whitening products.

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Dental Bonding

For minor cosmetic flaws like chips, cracks, and deep-set staining, we may be able to use composite resin filling material to improve the appearance of your smile. When used for cosmetic purposes, this treatment is often referred to as dental bonding. This one-day cosmetic dentistry option allows us to address a number of little cosmetic irregularities, so you can smile with total confidence. Best of all, this conservative solution ensures you’ll maintain the greatest possible amount of healthy tooth structure.

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Cosmetic Recontouring

Patient receiving dental bonding treatment

Do you have a tooth that just doesn’t quite fit into your smile? It may be a little longer than other teeth or shaped differently, but whatever the problem, cosmetic recontouring may be the ideal solution. This treatment utilizes innovative dental technologies to smooth and reshape teeth, ensuring a flawless appearance, ideal smile alignment, and proper dental function. In some cases, recontouring may be a conservative and budget-friendly alternative to more complex cosmetic or restorative dentistry solutions.

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Lab Artistry

In our dental office, we rely on a team of artists at our trusted dental lab to deliver restorative and cosmetic solutions that are flawlessly designed to create your picture-perfect smile. Without these skilled technicians, our smile makeover plans would not be possible. That’s why Dr. Blair partners with the best dental labs in the country, incorporates the most innovative treatment planning and design technologies, and uses the highest quality materials in all of her cosmetic and restorative dentistry plans.

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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Wooden tiles for FAQs about cosmetic dentistry.

If you’re unhappy with your smile, you might be a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. Although you’d love to achieve the smile of your dreams, we know you have a few apprehensions before you’re ready to commit to the process. Don’t worry. We’ll explain everything during your initial consultation. While you wait for your appointment, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions patients ask us for added peace of mind.

What Cosmetic Treatments are Right for Me?

There isn’t any way to determine which treatments will meet your needs without first scheduling a consultation. Depending on your specific concerns and the goals you want to achieve, you might be a candidate for 1 or more procedures, such as:

  • Porcelain Veneers: A thin shell covers the entire surface of a tooth to improve its color, size, and shape. Veneers can correct several issues at once while providing natural-looking results.
  • Prep-Less Thin Veneers: The veneers require very little removal of your enamel to preserve your tooth structure while providing exceptional results.
  • Porcelain Dental Crowns: All-ceramic material is used to restore the health, function, and appearance of a tooth. A crown can be used alone or with another procedure, like a bridge.
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction: Patients who have complex oral health needs and aesthetic issues might benefit from full mouth reconstruction.
  • Teeth Whitening: Turn back time and get your teeth as much as 8 shades brighter with an in-office or at-home whitening kit.
  • Dental Bonding: Fix minor aesthetic concerns using a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Cosmetic Recontouring: Resolve a gummy smile and improve the overall proportion of your teeth with gum recontouring.

How Long Will the Process Take?

Depending on your treatment plan, you can have the results you want in a single appointment while others may require multiple visits. We’ll explain how long you can expect the process to take during your initial consultation. We know your time is valuable, which is why our office uses the latest technologies and techniques to streamline your care without compromising your results.

Can I Use My Dental Insurance for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic procedures are considered elective, so it’s rare for an insurance company to cover their cost; however, there are some exceptions. Many cosmetic treatments also offer restorative benefits, like porcelain crowns. Therefore, your dental insurance can be used to help offset the cost of the procedure is necessary to your oral health.

A member of our team will work on your behalf with your dental insurance company to file the required claim forms, so you have one less thing to worry about. We’ll help you maximize your benefits to lower the amount you need to pay.

How Can I Pay for My New Smile?

Besides using your dental insurance, our office accepts many payment options, like traditional methods. We also accept third-party financing to help you achieve a picture-perfect smile without draining your wallet. A member of our team will help you find the solutions you need to enhance your smile without worrying about an outrageous bill.