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Dental Insurance – Fort Worth, TX

Lowering the Cost of Dental Care

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We love to learn that our patients have dental insurance. Your policy is a precious asset that can help you afford the high-quality care that our practice offers. Whether you have coverage through your employer or your purchased it yourself, we encourage you to take full advantage of it! Doing so will benefit both your wallet and your smile. Our team are experts at handling dental insurance, and we’ll be happy to help you navigate your coverage.

How Dental Insurance Works

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Most dental insurance plans are PPO plans, which means that they cover a certain percentage of the cost of approved services. The coverage from PPO plans generally works something like this:

  • Preventive care: 100% covered
  • Basic restorative care: 70%-80% covered
  • Major services: 50% covered
  • Orthodontics: Sometimes covered. Rates vary by plan.
  • Cosmetic services: Not generally covered

Your PPO plan may also come with an annual maximum (the most your insurance provider will pay out for services within a calendar year), an annual deductible, and a waiting period for some services.

The Difference Between Dental and Medical Insurance

Dental insurance has a strong focus on preventive care, and it covers a broad range of dental services that help you to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth. Medical insurance, on the other hand, only covers a few types of dental procedures. For example, it may cover an emergency room visit if you suffer a significant facial trauma that affects your teeth. It might also cover certain types of oral surgery.

If you ever have any questions about whether you should use your dental or medical insurance to cover a certain procedure, talk to our team about your concerns. We’ll help you understand your policies so you can use them in a way that limits your out of pocket costs to the extent possible.

In-Network Vs. Out of Network

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Whether our practice is in your insurance policy’s network or out of it, we’ll be happy to help you figure out how to maximize your dental benefits.


The term “in-network” simply means that a dental practice has entered into a contract with an insurance company that sets certain fees and standards of care. These agreements help to keep costs as low as possible for both patients and insurance providers. We are proud to be in-network with all of the following PPO plans:

Out of Network

One of the best things about PPO plans is that they allow you to visit the dentist of your choice, even if that dentist is out of your insurance networks. You can still use your plan at out of network dentists and enjoy significantly reduced costs on your services.

Are you ready to learn more about how our team can help you get the most out of your dental insurance? Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask questions about how we can maximize your specific insurance plan.