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Smile Gallery

We’re truly proud of the fantastic results we give our patients every day, and below, you can view a small sampling of them. As you’ll see, no matter what a person’s teeth looked like when they came to see us, we were always able to solve their problem and give them a gorgeous smile. If you would like to learn more about some of the treatments we have featured here, please contact us today.

Closeup smile with uneven wear and yellow coloreCloseup of attractive white smile Senior man with yellow broken teethSenior man with flawless white smile
Closeup of smile with dark staining near the gumsCloseup of heatlhy teeth and gums Woman with dark staining at the gumsWoman with beauitful white smile
Closeup of yellowed and misaligned teethCloseup of white and perfectly aligned smile Woman with dark colored and crooked smileWoman with attractive smile after repair
Closeup smiles with dark stains at gums and dental wearCloseup of perfectly repaired white smile Man with stains and dental wearMan with healthy smile after cosmetic correctoin
Closeup man with discolored smile and short top teethCloseup man with flawlessly shaped and white teeth Man with discolored smile and short top teethMan with flawless smile after dental care
Closeup patient with severely decayed top teethCloseup natural looking flawlessly repaired teeth Young woman with severely decayed teethYoung woman with beautiful smile after dental care
Closeup disoclored smile and damaged bottom teethCloseup flawlessly repaired and brightened smile Older woman with discolored smile and decayed bottom teethOlder woman with perfectly repaired smile
Closeup of yellowed smilesCloseup of bright white smile Woman with yellow teethWoman with bright white smile after teeth whitening
Closeup with stubby worn teethCloseup of perfectly repaired teeth Man with stubby worn teethMan with perfectly repaired teeth
Closeup smile with slight discoloration and tooth overlappingCloseup perfectly aligned bright white smile Woman with slight discoloration and tooth overlappingWoman with perfetly aligned bright white smile
Older woman with yellow discolored teeth Closeup of beautiful white smileOlder woman with picture-perfect smile
Closeup senior woman with yellow damaged smileCloseup senior woman flawless smile Senior woman with yellow damaged smileSenior woman with flawlessly repaired smile
Closeup smile with dark brown stainingCloseup bright white smile after treatment Senior woman with dark brown tooth stainingSenior woman with beautifully brightened smile
Closeup of yellowed and crooked teethCloseup of beautifully aligned white teeth Woman with yellowed and crooked teethWoman with bright white flawless smile
Closeup smiel with overlapping front teethCloseup smile with properly spaced front teeth Young woman with overlapping front teethYoung woman with flawlessly aligned smile
Closeup smile with several front teeth missingCloseup smile with flawlessly restored teeth Man with several missing front teethMan with natural looking replacement teeth
Closeup yellow teeth withe severe overbite Closeup of white teeth and proper bite positionMan with healthy white teeth
Closeup discolored smile and damaged front teethCloseup white smile with repaired front teeth Man with discolored smile and damaged front teethMan with repaired front teeth and brilliant white smile
Closeup smile with yellow coloring due to ageCloseup of brilliant white smile following cosmetic treatment Older woman with age discolored smileOlder woman with gorgeous white teeth
Closeup smile with shorter teeth on one sideCloseup of perfectly aligned and positioned teeth Older woman with shorter teeth on one side of smileOlder woman with perfectly aligned smile