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Oral Cancer Screenings – Fort Worth, TX

Our Priority Is Your Overall Wellbeing

tablet with the words “oral cancer” on the screenYou may not have noticed, but each time you visit your dentist in Fort Worth for a checkup, you’re also receiving an oral cancer screening that could save your life. This part of your routine appointment can either ease your mind by letting you know you are cancer-free or give you higher odds of making a full recovery with a successful treatment. Either way, early cancer detection is a vital part of maintaining your overall wellbeing. That’s why Dr. Kelly Blair uses the latest technology to diagnose the disease early on. If you haven’t received a screening in the last six months to a year, be sure to contact our office today to schedule a checkup.

The Prevalence & Risk Factors of Oral Cancer

person smiling and petting a dogOral cancer awareness in the American public is low. Approximately 50,000 people in the U.S. will be newly diagnosed with the deadly disease this year alone! Dentists are often the first line of defense against oral cancer through the process of early discovery during routine hygiene appointments.

While smoking, family history, alcohol, and tobacco use are still major risk factors, the fastest growing segment of oral cancer patients are young, healthy, and nonsmoking individuals due to the connection to the HPV virus. We cannot stop this virus from spreading; our only hope to save lives is with professional involvement and public awareness. This is our opportunity to get involved and give back to our community in the hopes of raising oral cancer awareness. Ask Dr. Kelly Blair or your hygienist about the OraRisk HPV test we use to detect risk factors in healthy patients of all ages.

Signs Of Oral Cancer

person smilingSome symptoms of oral cancer can be difficult to detect on your own, which is why it’s important to get examined by a trained professional like Dr. Blair. In addition to your routine appointments, here are some signs you can look out for at home:

  • Red or white patches in your mouth.
  • Sores on your oral tissues, tongue, gums, or lips.
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing.
  • Persistently sore throat.
  • Numb areas in your mouth.
  • Pain in your ears.

The sooner these symptoms are noticed, the higher your odds are at making a full recovery and restoring your health. That’s why it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the common signs of oral cancer.

Why Get Routinely Screened By Your Dentist?

person smiling and speaking on the phoneIt’s approximated that about 84 percent of early oral cancer symptoms are spotted by dentists. While the process only takes a few minutes, it could save your life, which is why Dr. Blair’s team of professionals is dedicated to providing thorough examinations to check for any cancerous tissue. If we see any signs of the disease, we will refer you for further testing. If not, it’s a quick, easy, and completely painless part of your routine checkup that allows you to be certain of your health.

The Oral Cancer Screening Process

During your oral cancer screening, Dr. Blair or one of her trusted and highly trained hygienists will examine your mouth using the latest technology. Our office is equipped with a VELscope light, which is able to detect oral cancer up to two stages earlier than when we just use our hands or eyes. In about two minutes, we’ll have completed the completely noninvasive screening, and you’ll be able to rest assured knowing the results.