Teeth Whitening in Ft. Worth, TX

Enhance your smile with teeth whitening from Dr. Blair and Dr. Conditt!

Professional teeth whitening can help your confidence, career, and relationships. Don’t believe it? A tooth whitening study by Kelton Research showed that after teeth bleaching, the majority of participants were more likely to be hired and receive a higher salary, feel more confident, and appear more outgoing on a simulated first date.

If you’ve considered a smile makeover or cosmetic dental surgery but are struggling with the idea of drastically altering your appearance, consider professional teeth whitening. In the comfort of our dental office or your home, professional teeth whitening can lighten tooth enamel up to ten shades. As cosmetic dentists in Fort Worth, TX, Drs. Blair and Conditt have studied various tooth whitening products and treatments, and have chosen those we consider the most safe and effective for our patients.

Home Teeth Bleaching

Dentist-prescribed tooth whitening kits feature a stronger whitening solution than what you can purchase over the counter at your local pharmacy. In addition to the teeth bleaching gel, Drs. Blair and Conditt’s kits come with a custom-molded oral appliance to hold the gel snugly against teeth for optimal results. Many people report noticing whiter teeth after a single use, but completing the treatment will yield the best results. The mouth trays we create for you can be reused indefinitely, so you can touch up your smile whenever you like. If you run out of teeth bleaching gel, simply call our Fort Worth, Texas dental office for a refill.

In Office/Chairside Professional Teeth Whitening

If you have a special event in your near future, like a wedding or reunion, you may want a brighter smile as soon as possible! No worries – Dr. Blair and Dr. Conditt offer chairside professional teeth whitening with an effective and powerful tooth whitening system that removes deeply embedded tooth enamel stains in a single visit.